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Questions About Photo Editing?

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Photo Editing for Photo Quilts - White Fabric Photo Transfer Paper:

Now this can be a little tricky and difficult to communicate and understand.  When transferring a photo via white fabric photo transfer paper you will lay the paper IMAGE SIZE DOWN.   When you do this, you will be flipping or mirror imaging the photo or composite.

Your photo editor will offer a function they will call 'flip' or 'mirror image'.  Look in your tutorial or help file to identify it.  I've found it mostly under the 'tools' command.  It might also be under 'image'.

From the Edit command, choose 'Select All'.  Then 'flip' or 'mirror image' your photos BEFORE printing.  When you print your photo onto the white fabric transfer paper, it should look backwards to you. 

If you do not do this properly, your image will be backwards.  Think this doesn't matter?  It does if you are using text.

There is another way to flip or mirror image your photos before printing.  Many printers will offer several options before printing. Included in these will be quality, paper type etc.   It may be straightforward or embedded in advanced options.  See what your printer driver has to offer in the 'flip' or 'mirror image' command.  Again, check the help file. See Printer Info for more on this topic.

Adding Text To Photos:

A photo quilt or purse can make good use of added text.  Add a unique and dramatic flair to a photo quilt centerpiece with text super-imposed over a transparency of a photo.

You can add text to photos in your photo editor.  There will be a text option under the insert command or perhaps an add text icon.  Check the help file for 'inserting text'.  You can choose your text font, size, color and perhaps even 'fancy it up' by bending, or using artistic effects. 

After composing your text, you can click and drag your text to any location within the photo.  An elegant touch is to bring the text forward with greater prominence.  This can be accomplished by converting the underlying photograph to a transparency.  You'll have to check the 'photo enhancement' options if there are any. 

Cheap Free or Expensive Photo Editing Software?

You can accomplish basic tasks with free or limited edition software.  If you have free software with your scanner or digital camera, you will probably find it is "LE".  This means Limited Edition.  A Limited Edition Photo Editor is a stripped down version of that which you might pay for.   A Limited Edition photo editor will give you a lot of the functionality of a full version.  Even Microsoft Paint will perform most of the things you need.

Which photo editor is better than the what other?  I couldn't possibly advise about this.  My computers all have Microsoft Digital Image and Photo Shop.

File Format Conversions:

One last tidbit in the tutorial addresses file format and conversions.   Every photo editor has its own proprietary file format.  The file format can be found as the letters after the dot.  As in image.jpg, image.tif, image.png, image.whatever else.   This can be best explained as photo editor software developers don't play well together in the sandbox.

When sending your photos to an upload for a photo quilt or purse, the manufacturer will ask for a .jpg or .tif file format. These are pretty much the only two universally photo file formats.

When you have finished your photo editing and are ready to upload, here is what to do:  Choose 'save as' and then look for the file format in the save box.  Click on the arrow and other formats will pop up.  Choose .jpg or .tif.  For .jpg choose advance options and select '0-compression' or full file size.

Clear as Mud?

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