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Photographs For Fabric Transfer

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File Size:


The most frequent complaint I receive from people  trying to upload photos to large companies for photo transfer for photo purses, quilts etc.....  "My pictures look HORRIBLE!!!"  This of course NEVER happened to MY customers because I reviewed every digital photo file before accepting.   If the web site you purchase your photo quilt or purse has directions, follow them exactly! ALWAYS ask if your photo is of sufficient file size and quality.

When I query these unfortunate people I ALWAYS find that they have uploaded a photo file that is too small for printing.
In ALL cases DO NOT USE:

bulletPhotos from cell phones - file size too small
bulletPhotos from a 'photo share' web site - file size usually too small
bulletPhotos scanned at low resolution (dpi - dots per inch)
bulletOverly compressed .jpeg images

It is difficult to describe file size, resolution and dots per inch.  A good rule of thumb is: The higher the file size the better the print.  If you are wanting a photo to fabric transfer at an 8" x 10" printed size, you MUST send a high quality photo file.  This file size should be in the area of 1 megabytes (mbt).   In contrast, camera phones and photo share web sites display very small file sizes in the range of only a few kilobytes (kbt).   One Megabyte is One Thousand Kilobytes.  So it logically follows that a photo file of 15 kbts will not print out at an 8" x 10" size.

If you have any doubts about the quality of your file size, print it out on your own printer.  Select 8" x 10" print size and use a good quality paper and photo paper printer settings.  If your photo looks good to you printed out at 8" x 10" then it will look good on your photo purse or quilt.

NOTE:  Most companies will request a .jpg or .tiff format.  If you are using a digital editor you will need to convert your file to the proper format. Photo Transfer


If you are ordering a photo transfer product, you might be using older photos that need to be scanned.   Many home computer users now have scanners.  Do not hesitate to read the manual or instructions that come with your scanner.  You might be totally surprised at how well your results turn out.

If you really believe you are not able to scan your own photos then find a friend or a drug store to scan them for you.  Make sure you tell your friend or store to scan your photos at 300 (dpi) or higher.  Make it clear that you want to print the photos at 8" x 10".   You may have your photos burned onto a CD.  If you are developing new photos from a camera or negatives, order a CD but be sure you choose the highest possible quality.  If you are unsure about the quality of developed film photos put onto a CD... then ASK! 

NOTE:  You may have to experiment with your scanner to get the quality you wish.  Don't make the mistake of 'over scanning'.  A higher quality (over 300 dpi) may not produce the best results.  Over scanning can cause a contrasty look to your printed photos. 

When you insert your photo CD into your computer you can then store them in a file in 'My Documents - My Pictures" folder.  Browse to this folder when you want to upload your file for your photo purse or quilt (or any photo transfer arts project).

Digital Camera

Some times nothing will do but to take a great new photos for your new photo purse or quilt. Most digital cameras will do the job.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing for excellent quality digital camera results is to set your options for the highest quality file size.  Some users choose lower file size so that they can get more pictures onto a memory stick (or appropriate removable photo media).  If you do this, you risk having the BEST shot at the worst quality.  Don't do it.  Just DON'T!

If you are taking a new photo of any kind be sure to use smart photography techniques.  Have good light, reduce shadows (for example, sunny day photos under a shady tree won't look good).  Select your background and tidy it up.

For Additional Information See Photo Editing

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