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Do It Your Self Questions

Do It Yourself  Photo Transfer Fabric Arts ......YOU can DO This!

Project Directions - Individualized Instruction - Photo Quilts - Photo Purses - Photo Dolls - Photo Canvas

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Connie's Corner is a great supporter of doin' it yourself.  There is so much talent out there and so much to learn and share.

In the interest of you do-it-yourselfers, I now have printed and email MS Word instruction documents available for photo transfer to fabric, photo quilts and purses and more.

You will also see links on this page for large photo transfer to canvas and other fabrics.  I encourage you to visit these sponsors for your larger photo transfer needs.

YES I will provide photo transfers.   This service include s scanning, digital editing, graphic design, customer approval and expert sublimation transfer to fabric quality of your choice.  Photo Transfer

For information and pricing on do it yourself project instructions, please complete short form below for fastest results.  Some instructions MAY be provided at discounted price based on scope, initiative and willingness to field test instructional materials..

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Do It Yourself Project Instruction Sign Up List
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Demand has demonstrated a need for a re-issue of "The Fabric Attic - Photo Transfer Fabric Arts and Crafts"
Pre-publication distribution list is growing fast.  If you want a copy of the publication before it goes public you may put yourself on a waiting list.  You will receive this book at my cost plus shipping & handling.  I would ask in return for you to provide feedback about the book.

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Photo Transfer To Fabric - Do It Yourself

Canvas Transfer Quilt Fabric Photo Purse Fabric Household Items
Large Canvas
larger than 8" x 10
Small Canvas
 Up To 8" x 10"
Photo Transfer For
Patch Quilt Appliqué Quilting
Sturdy Durable Photo Purse Fabric
Curtains - Floor Cloth - Cross Stitch - Embroidery - Table Linens - Signature Items
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Additional Project Instructions Available

Digital Photo Editing & Printing Photo Quilt Design & Construction Photo Purse Design & Construction

Photo Purse Do It Yourself Construction Kit.


Not Listed Here
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House-Hold Items and More Specific Projects

Curtains Table Linens Floor Cloth Party Gift & Favors No Count Cross Stitch Needle Point Wall Paper Border Photo Transfer and Painted Project


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The following skills assessment is only required  if you intend to ask for one free instruction set. Even so, these items  should be addressed as part of 'reasonable expectations'. None of these projects is brain surgery but all of them require some practice and attention to detail.

Digital Photo Editing and Printing
Describe Experience
Describe Experience
Describe Experience

Any other details regarding your project, skills, experience, equipment etc you care to share.
Your Photo Transfer Project Instructions for Doin' It Yourself will be custom assembled to your exact needs.
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