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For EVERY Photo Doll Ordered - Proceeds Will Be Donated
To Military Dolls for Children of Financial Need.

bulletEvery single doll is carefully hand made in the USA. We use soft fleece, hand draw and cut the body, add photo face and assemble.
bulletDolls must be paid for in advance before construction begins.  You may pay by check, money order or credit card.

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NOTE:  If you are ordering dolls for our Military Parent Project Please Click HERE
If you wish to donate funds for Military Parent Dolls for Children of Financial Need Please Click HERE

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Pricing and Other Choices:

Base Price is $45 plus shipping:

Adult and Older Child Photo Doll

Add Bunting Blanket $5

Add Face Fur Trim $5

Basic Price is $45 plus shipping

Baby and toddler Doll Basic Price $45

Add Bunting Blanket: $5

Add Face fur trim: $5

Will you allow Connie's Corner Doll Makers to choose the fabric and decorations for your doll? Fabrics will be male/female appropriate.
Additional charges apply for customer provided fabric.

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