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Do it YOURSELF Photo Purse Construction Kits are ready to ship!


Connie's Note:  I read and obey!  I paid attention after more than 5,000 requests for photo transfer arts and crafts instructions . Almost ALL readers report that the photo prep and dye sublimation processes are more than they want to do.  One reader wrote, "Connie, you say that photo to fabric is not brain surgery but it is quirky. I want to report that getting my photos ready for sublimation was the most difficult thing I have ever tried and failed to do. Can't you please find an easier way for me to make these purses?"

Your wish is my command!

What I am reading is that you want to make the purse and have someone else do the photo preparation, editing, restoration, composition and dye fabric sublimation.

The biggest single request is for a pre-cut kit including the photo transfers!  Allll-rightey then you've got it!

If you can sew a straight stitch with a sewing machine then YOU can DO this! With a little practice, these basic photo purses can be constructed in about an hour.

Your Photo Purse Construction Kit will include instructions, fabric, lining, strap and hardware. All you need to do is follow the instructions and assemble your photo purse in about an hour (not including coffee breaks).

Your instructions will also include information for making more photo purses on your own. You can get your photo to fabric transfers from us or you can learn to do THAT yourself too!  

PLUS the Photo Purse Construction Kits will include your completed photo transfers ready to assemble into your photo purse.  You can send your photos via email or U.S. mail.  Original photos will be returned with your completed purse.

If you still want to learn the photo preparation, editing and transfer process, this information is available HERE.  I have a book and on line instructions available.

Photo Purse Construction Kits are available in TWO sizes; 5" x 7" and 8" x 10". If you purchase your photo purse kit online, you will receive your photos transferred to fabric with your kit. You will need to provide photos via email or U.S. mail. Your order confirmation will contain information about getting your photos to us.

Before you faint dead away I'll tell you up front that the cost of these basic Photo Purse Construction Kits is LESS than the cost of ONE 8" x 10" photo transfer listed elsewhere on this site.  Why?  This introductory product is a first time ever offering and I want to get as many Photo Purse Construction Kits out there as I possibly can.  Then the price will go up. Pretty smart eh?

And yes, the price of these Photo Purse Construction Kits are about a hundred bucks less than purchasing a pre-made photo purse!  Yah 'tis true!

For a limited time, you can purchase more than one Photo Purse Construction Kit at a time.  Cover your entire holiday gift list while the introductory offer still exists.

For immediate attention, please click the email icon below and tell me about your project.  You will receive confirmation in less than a day.  You must look for an email message from and respond to your inquiry confirmation. If you do not respond to confirmation email then your request might be disregarded.

PLEASE NOTE:  Photo purse kits include TWO fabric photo transfers made from YOUR photos. ONLY two photo transfers per kit. You will receive an order number that must be used ONLY ONCE to retrieve your photo fabric transfers.


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