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Photo Transfer Questions?


Photo Transfer To Fabric

Delighted to provide this service!


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Dear Customers,

OK OK OK!!!  I will take your photo transfer orders!!! 

Sorry ... I didn't know it was so important to you all to have my 'hand' in your photo transfers.

So here's the deal... I've done some research and think I have a middle of the road price for photo transfers.

If you have the patience, time and a good chunk of cash, you can do it yourself.  Instructions are available Do It Yourself

FAQ and Important Info:

Fabric:  We use the brightest white high thread count per inch 100% cotton that we can find. Every bolt is inspected by ME for proper quality.   Two weights - one suitable for photo purses and heavier items and the other for lighter weight fabric items like photo quilts, pillows etc.  

Photographs:  There is a whole page on this web site dedicated to preparing your photos for transfer to fabric. Rule of thumb... the higher the quality of image, the better the transfer.   Poor quality pictures are often used because they are one of a kinds or very old and damaged.   This isn't bad.  We can help restore most photo damage and can sometimes enhance original quality (additional charges apply). 

Transfer Process:   Heat Sublimation Transfer is NOT iron on!   This process pushes the ink/dye down into the fibers of the fabric.  It is brighter and more vibrant than any printer fabric I've ever seen or tested myself.  It is washable but not subject to abuse.  

Finished Image Size:  At this time, 8" x 10" is the largest we can process on our equipment.   Unfortunately, our cost is the same for any size up to 8" x 10". 

Project Consultation and Coaching:  Unlimited within reason!

Delivery Time:  Many orders can be finished within one week of photo and payment receipt. We try our best to meet your project deadlines. 

Pricing and Inquiry Form - Please use your 'tab' key or mouse to navigate through this form.  

No orders are placed nor money collected before brief consultation.  Please add to your allowed email list.  You must confirm receipt of inquiry information via email.


Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Check for accuracy and repeat Email Address:

Reminder!  You must confirm receipt of this inquiry form. Look for email from!

Contact Phone: Please NOTE: Our primary contact is via email.  We would love to talk to all of you on the phone but there just not hours in the day.  We ask for your phone number in case we have to contact you regarding details not available via email.

U.S. Mail Address:

Briefly describe your project and expectations:

This is NOT an order form so choose any options that may apply:

  Fabric suitable for quilts, pillows, garments or other project needing a lighter touch!

 Suitable for photo purses, frame mounting and other projects needing sturdier fabric.

 Suited for artwork - canvas mounted board for painting over, glaze or hang as is!

About your photos:

Will send high quality digital image via email

Will send photograph via U.S. Mail

Will require consultation regarding image enhancement, cropping, cutting or repair or restoration

Pricing:  Your order will not immediately be processed into a shopping cart!  All orders are reviewed and billed after consultation:

Price List:

Photo Transfer To Fabric (light or heavy weight)


1 TO 10 Transfers = $35.00 per image up to 8" x 10"
10 to 25 Transfers = $30.00 per image up to 8" x 10"


25 to 50 Transfers = $25.00 per image up to 8" x 10"

Photo Editing:  Customers may be offered additional photo editing options. This service includes cropping, cutting, filters, effects, restoration, image enhancement, lighting - tint - color balance.  You may also have your photos converted to whole or partial black and white.  Many artistic effects also available. $25/hour with one hour minimum 

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