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Connie's Corner Photo Purses

Purse-onaly Yours!  Your Purse-onality!


You ASKED for it!!!  Connie listened!!!

Photo Purses are BACK!!!

A short history:  A while back I had to stop working 12 hours a day at a sewing machine.  I've been sick, but better now as breast cancer in complete remission!

Your complaints about referrals and google clicks were taken very seriously.  Without criticizing my peers and competitors, it is true that we provide unsurpassed personalized service.  We don't have the 'upload your photo' with mostly unpleasant results come what may.   I know it is frustrating to pay high prices for photo purses and have a good quality bag but horrible photo.  Worry not, if your photo is bad, I'll tell you.  BEFORE you pay!!

Other services from Connie's Corner include photo scanning, photo restoration and enhancement, collage and composite creation and more!  You will be advised about best quality photos and asked to approve final draft before printing!!

Yes, it is true that all inquiries are answered quickly and expert advise is always free! It is also true that no money is collected from any customer until your free consultation is complete and your order is accepted.

Yes, it is still true that we make every effort to meet or beat YOUR deadline.

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