List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (2024)

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    BlogELA for KidsList of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (3)
    • List of 20 Wild Animal Names in English
    • List of 20 Reptile Names in English
    • List of 20 Mammal Names in English
    • List of 20 Bird Names in English
    • List of 20 Insect Names in English
    • List of 20 Sea Animals in English
    • List of 20 Farm Animals in English
    • List of 20 Amphibian Names in English
    • List of 20 Pet Animals in English

    Learning animal names in English is a fun way for kids to explore the world around them. This blog will list different animals, from wild creatures to pets, and explain a bit about each one. Get ready to discover new animals and learn their names in English!

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    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (4)

    List of 180 Animal Names in English

    Here is a list of 180 animals names in english divided into multiple categories:

    List of 20 Wild Animal Names in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (5)

    Wild animals live in various habitats away from human settlements. In this section, we’ll learn about different wild animal names in English, each with a unique role in nature’s diversity.

    Wild AnimalDescription
    ElephantElephants are the largest land animals, famous for their large ears and tusks, and are known for their strong social structures.
    LionKnown as the ‘king of the jungle’, lions are powerful big cats with a majestic presence, primarily found in Africa.
    TigerTigers are fierce predators noted for their beautiful striped coats, primarily residing in various Asian habitats.
    GiraffeGiraffes are the tallest land animals, with long necks that help them to reach high leaves and spot predators from afar.
    ZebraZebras are easily recognizable by their distinctive black and white stripes, which are unique to each individual.
    BearBears are large mammals with thick fur and a big build, found in North America, Europe, and Asia.
    WolfWolves are known for their sharp senses and pack behavior, playing a critical role in their ecosystems as predators.
    FoxFoxes are small, cunning mammals that are adaptable to various environments, known for their bushy tails.
    LeopardLeopards are solitary big cats with incredible agility and climbing skills, identified by their rosette-patterned coat.
    CheetahThe fastest land animal, cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 70 mph in short bursts covering distances up to 1,500 ft.
    KangarooNative to Australia, kangaroos are famous for their powerful hind legs and pouches in which their young, called joeys, develop.
    PandaKnown for their distinct black and white coloring, pandas are beloved around the world and primarily eat bamboo.
    RhinoRhinos are large, heavy mammals known for their distinctive horned snouts and thick skin.
    HippopotamusOften just called hippos, these large, mostly aquatic animals are native to sub-Saharan Africa and are known for their large mouths and bodies.
    CrocodileCrocodiles are large aquatic reptiles with powerful jaws, known for their ability to lie still in water before ambushing prey.
    CoyoteSmaller than wolves, coyotes are highly adaptable creatures that can thrive in suburban and urban settings as well as wilder areas.
    MooseThe largest species of the deer family, moose are distinguished by their massive antlers and long faces.
    GorillaGorillas are ground-dwelling, predominantly herbivorous apes that are the largest living primates.
    HyenaKnown for their eerie laughs, hyenas are more closely related to cats and are effective hunters and scavengers.
    OcelotOcelots are small wild cats with striking markings and are native to the forests of South and Central America.

    Here are some fun animal theme worksheets to teach kids about wild animals:

    Begin here

    to engage your students and simplify teaching

    Explore More

    List of 20 Reptile Names in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (10)

    Reptiles are fascinating cold-blooded vertebrates covered in scales. They thrive in warmer climates and have various survival adaptations. Dive into the list of reptile names in English.

    AlligatorAlligators are large reptiles with powerful tails, primarily found in freshwater environments in the southeastern USA.
    CrocodileCrocodiles are often larger than alligators and can be found in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia in various water bodies.
    LizardLizards come in many sizes and shapes, known for their ability to regenerate lost tails and, in some species, change color.
    SnakeSnakes are legless reptiles with elongated bodies, and they can be found in almost every environment worldwide.
    TurtleTurtles have bony or cartilaginous shells that protect them from predators, and they live in aquatic or semi-aquatic environments.
    TortoiseTortoises are land-dwelling and have dome-shaped shells, known for their slow movement and long lifespans.
    ChameleonChameleons are known for their ability to change color and their distinctively long, projectile tongues used for catching insects.
    GeckoGeckos are small lizards known for their unique vocalizations and the ability to climb smooth surfaces.
    IguanaIguanas are typically green or brown and are popular pets; they are native to Central and South America and the Caribbean.
    Komodo DragonThe largest living species of lizard, Komodo dragons are powerful predators native to a few Indonesian islands.
    AnacondaAnacondas are one of the largest and heaviest snakes in the world, primarily found in South America’s tropical rainforests.
    CobraKnown for their threatening hood and venomous bite, cobras are one of the most iconic snakes globally.
    Boa ConstrictorBoa constrictors are large, non-venomous, constrictor snakes that subdue prey by coiling around and suffocating it.
    Gila MonsterOne of the few venomous lizards, the Gila monster is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexican desert.
    Monitor LizardMonitor lizards are large lizards known for their intelligence and varied habitats across African, Asian, and Oceanian regions.
    PythonPythons are non-venomous snakes known for their patterned skin and constricting method of killing prey.
    ViperVipers are venomous snakes characterized by their long, hinged fangs which allow them to deliver deep venomous bites.
    SalamanderSalamanders are amphibians but resemble lizards in appearance; they have moist skin and are found in moist or aquatic environments.
    SkinkSkinks are smooth-bodied lizards with short or no limbs, known for their fast-moving and burrowing capabilities.
    AgamaAgama lizards are colorful reptiles found mostly in Africa, known for their distinct social behavior and territoriality.

    Here are some fun animal games to teach kids about reptiles:

    Begin here

    to engage your students and simplify teaching

    Iguana: Picture Perfect Game


    Anaconda: Jungle Coloring Adventure Game


    Interactive Chameleon Coloring Game


    Crocodile Coloring Odyssey Game


    Explore More

    List of 20 Mammal Names in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (15)

    Mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates that are mostly covered in fur or hair, and bears live young. They range from tiny mice to large whales, and each has unique traits that help them survive in various environments. Here’s a list of mammal names in English.

    BearBears are large mammals with thick fur, known for their ability to hibernate and varied diet that includes both plants and animals.
    DolphinDolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals known for their playful behavior and complex social structures.
    ElephantElephants are the largest land mammals, with distinctive trunks and large ears that help regulate their body temperature.
    GorillaGorillas are the largest primates, known for their strong family bonds and mostly vegetarian diet.
    HorseHorses are domesticated mammals known for their speed and strength, playing a significant role in human transport and agriculture.
    KangarooKangaroos are marsupials from Australia, recognized for their powerful hind legs and pouches for carrying their young.
    LeopardLeopards are solitary big cats with remarkable climbing abilities, known for their beautiful spotted coats.
    MooseMoose are the largest species of deer, identifiable by their massive antlers and long faces, native to northern forests.
    OrangutanOrangutans are intelligent tree-dwelling primates from Indonesia and Malaysia, known for their distinctive red fur.
    PandaGiant pandas are bear-like mammals famous for their black-and-white coloring and their diet primarily consisting of bamboo.
    QuokkaQuokkas are small marsupials with a friendly appearance, found on some smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia.
    RabbitRabbits are small mammals with long ears and powerful hind legs, widely kept as pets or used in agriculture.
    SquirrelSquirrels are nimble rodents with bushy tails, known for their ability to climb trees and gather nuts.
    TigerTigers are the largest wild cats in the world, known for their powerful build and distinctive striped fur.
    UrialUrial sheep are wild sheep with impressive horns, found in Central and South Asia’s mountainous regions.
    Vampire BatVampire bats are the only mammals that survive entirely on blood, mostly feeding on livestock and other animals.
    WalrusWalruses are large marine mammals with distinctive tusks and whiskers, found in the Arctic Circle.
    XerusXerus is a type of ground squirrel found in Africa, known for its ability to withstand arid environments.
    YakYaks are large domesticated bovines native to the Himalayan region of South Asia, known for their long fur and milk production.
    ZebraZebras are wild horses known for their distinctive black-and-white striped patterns, native to Africa.
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    List of 20 Bird Names in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (16)

    Birds are fascinating warm-blooded vertebrates that have feathers and wings. Most birds can fly, although some are flightless. They are found all over the world in a variety of habitats, showcasing a remarkable range of colors, sizes, and behaviors. Here’s a list of bird names in English to expand your knowledge of these incredible creatures.

    EagleEagles are large birds of prey known for their powerful build and keen eyesight, often symbolizing freedom and strength.
    ParrotParrots are colorful and intelligent birds known for their ability to mimic sounds and human speech.
    OstrichThe ostrich is the world’s largest and heaviest bird, famous for its speed on land and inability to fly.
    PenguinPenguins are flightless birds adapted to marine life, with distinctive black and white plumage and an upright stance.
    HummingbirdHummingbirds are tiny birds capable of hovering in mid-air due to the rapid flapping of their wings.
    SwanSwans are large water birds with long necks and majestic bearing, often associated with grace and beauty.
    Peaco*ckPeaco*cks are known for their spectacular tail feathers or ‘train’, which they fan out in a display to attract mates.
    SparrowSparrows are small, plump birds, commonly found in urban environments and known for their cheerful chirps.
    OwlOwls are nocturnal birds of prey with large eyes and a silent flight, known for their distinctive hooting calls.
    FlamingoFlamingos are tall, pink birds known for their distinctive feeding habits in shallow waters and one-legged stance.
    HawkHawks are birds of prey, known for their sharp talons and keen eyesight, used for hunting smaller animals.
    CrowCrows are highly intelligent and adaptable birds, known for their problem-solving skills and complex social structures.
    RobinRobins are small birds with a distinctive red breast, often associated with the arrival of spring.
    Blue JayBlue Jays are vibrant birds with blue, white, and black plumage, known for their intelligence and complex social behaviors.
    CardinalCardinals are vibrant red birds, often sought after for their beauty and melodious songs.
    MacawMacaws are brilliantly colored tropical birds with long tails and beaks, known for their sociable nature.
    KingfisherKingfishers are vividly colored birds, best known for their speedy dives into water to catch fish.
    AlbatrossAlbatrosses are among the largest flying birds by wingspan, known for their ability to glide long distances over oceans.
    WoodpeckerWoodpeckers are known for their distinctive pecking behavior, using their beaks to find insects in wood.
    CanaryCanaries are small songbirds, historically used in coal mines for their sensitivity to toxic gases, and valued for their singing.
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    List of 20 Insect Names in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (17)

    Insects are small, six-legged creatures with exoskeletons, a significant number of which have the ability to fly. They are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth, found in nearly all environments. This section will introduce kids to names of insects in English, highlighting their unique features and roles in nature.

    ButterflyButterflies are known for their colorful wings and their remarkable transformation from caterpillars.
    BeeBees are vital for pollination, helping plants grow, breed, and produce food; they produce honey as well.
    AntAnts are incredibly strong for their size, known for their complex social structures and teamwork.
    LadybugLadybugs are small, round beetles with distinctive red and black spots, valued as natural pest controllers.
    DragonflyDragonflies are skilled flyers with elongated bodies and large eyes, often found near water.
    GrasshopperGrasshoppers are known for their powerful hind legs which allow them to leap long distances.
    MosquitoMosquitoes are known for their role in transmitting diseases, but only females feed on blood to nurture their eggs.
    FireflyFireflies produce a bioluminescent light in their abdomens during twilight to attract mates and deter predators.
    SpiderThough often mistaken for insects, spiders are arachnids with eight legs; they are important predators of pests.
    TermiteTermites are known for their wood-eating habits, which play a significant role in decomposing and recycling wood.
    WaspWasps are known for their stings and are important predators of pest insects, although some species are also pollinators.
    FleaFleas are small, flightless insects known for their jumping abilities and as parasites on various mammals.
    TickTicks are another group often mistaken for insects; these arachnids are notorious for spreading diseases through their bites.
    MothMoths vary widely in appearance and size and are closely related to butterflies but are generally nocturnal.
    BeetleBeetles have a hard, protective exoskeleton and wings, making them one of the largest insect groups.
    MantisPraying mantises are predatory insects known for their “praying” posture, with folded forearms used for catching prey.
    CicadaCicadas are known for their periodic emergence from the ground in large numbers and their loud mating calls.
    AphidAphids are small sap-sucking insects, often considered pests in gardens and on farms.
    CricketCrickets are known for their chirping sounds, produced by rubbing their wings together to attract mates.
    SilverfishSilverfish are wingless insects with a fish-like shape and movements, known for feeding on books and other cellulose materials.

    List of 20 Sea Animals in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (18)

    Sea animals live in a vast range of saltwater environments, from shallow coastal waters to the deep ocean. This variety includes colorful fish, large mammals, and mysterious deep-sea creatures. Let’s dive into learning about these fascinating sea animals and their names in English.

    Sea AnimalDescription
    DolphinDolphins are intelligent and social marine mammals known for their playful behavior and acrobatic skills.
    WhaleWhales are the largest animals on Earth, with species like the blue whale reaching incredible sizes.
    SharkSharks are powerful predators with a keen sense of smell and a variety of species, including the great white shark.
    OctopusOctopuses are known for their eight arms, ability to squirt ink, and remarkable intelligence.
    JellyfishJellyfish are gelatinous creatures with tentacles that can sting, drifting along ocean currents.
    Sea TurtleSea turtles are long-lived reptiles that travel across oceans and return to the beaches where they were born to lay eggs.
    SeahorseSeahorses are tiny fish with horse-like heads and prehensile tails, often found clinging to seaweed.
    StarfishStarfish, or sea stars, are not true fish but echinoderms, famous for their ability to regenerate limbs.
    CoralCorals are marine invertebrates that build extensive reefs which provide habitat for many other marine species.
    StingrayStingrays are flat-bodied fish related to sharks, known for their barbed stingers.
    AngelfishAngelfish are beautifully colored and shaped fish commonly found in tropical coral reefs.
    ClownfishClownfish, made famous by movies, are vibrant and live symbiotically among the tentacles of sea anemones.
    EelEels are long, snake-like fish with some species living in freshwater and others in saltwater.
    LobsterLobsters are large marine crustaceans with a hard shell and two large claws, known for being a delicacy.
    CrabCrabs are crustaceans with a distinct sideways walk, found in all the world’s oceans.
    Manta RayManta rays are large rays known for their graceful swimming and wing-like pectoral fins.
    WalrusWalruses are large marine mammals with distinctive tusks and whiskers, found in the Arctic.
    ManateeManatees are gentle marine mammals sometimes called “sea cows” due to their slow grazing of sea grasses.
    SquidSquids are fast-swimming cephalopods known for their ink defense and tentacles arranged around their mouths.
    Sea UrchinSea urchins are small, spiny sea creatures that are part of the echinoderm family, living on the ocean floor.

    Looking for fun ways to teach kids about sea animals, here are some fun activities to get started:

    Begin here

    to engage your students and simplify teaching

    Crab Coloring Extravaganza Game


    Dolphin Coloring Magic Game


    Manta Ray Dive Into Coloring Game Adventure


    Seahorse Marine Coloring Game Adventure


    Explore More

    List of 20 Farm Animals in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (23)

    Farm animals are those typically found on farms, where they contribute to agriculture or livestock. These animals provide various resources such as milk, meat, wool, and eggs. This section will explore different farm animal names in English, highlighting their roles and importance on the farm.

    Farm AnimalDescription
    CowCows are raised for dairy products like milk and cheese, as well as for beef.
    ChickenChickens are common poultry animals, known for producing eggs and meat.
    PigPigs are intelligent animals raised primarily for pork.
    SheepSheep are valued for their wool, which is used in textiles, and their meat, known as lamb or mutton.
    GoatGoats are versatile farm animals, kept for their milk, meat, and sometimes for their fur.
    HorseHorses are used for a variety of farm tasks, including transportation, plowing, and other work, as well as for riding.
    DuckDucks provide feathers, meat, and eggs, and are also useful for controlling bugs and weeds on a farm.
    TurkeyTurkeys are primarily raised for their meat, especially popular during festive seasons like Thanksgiving.
    DonkeyDonkeys are work animals often used for carrying loads and pulling farm equipment.
    RabbitRabbits are raised for their meat and fur, and are also popular as pets on farms.
    LlamaLlamas are used as pack animals and for their wool, which is similar to sheep’s wool in use.
    AlpacaAlpacas are similar to llamas and are prized for their soft and luxurious wool.
    GooseGeese provide feathers, meat, and are often used as guard animals due to their protective nature.
    BeeBees are kept on farms for pollination and to produce honey and beeswax.
    BuffaloBuffaloes are primarily kept for their milk, which is richer in fat than cow’s milk, and for their meat.
    Guinea FowlGuinea fowl are kept for pest control, as they eat insects and ticks, and for their meat and eggs.
    Peaco*ckPeaco*cks are often kept on farms for ornamental purposes, although they can also be used for pest control.
    MuleMules, a hybrid of donkeys and horses, are sturdy animals used for farm work and transportation.
    CatFarm cats are valuable for controlling pests like mice and rats.
    DogFarm dogs serve various roles, from herding livestock to providing security and companionship.

    Here are some fun underwater animals general knowledge games for kids:

    Begin here

    to engage your students and simplify teaching

    Dive into the Turtle Picture Game


    Dive into Clownfish Coloring Game


    Crab Coloring Extravaganza Game


    Manta Ray Dive Into Coloring Game Adventure


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    List of 20 Amphibian Names in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (28)

    Amphibians are fascinating cold-blooded vertebrates that spend parts of their lives in water and on land. These creatures undergo remarkable transformations during their life cycle, typically moving from an aquatic larval stage to a more terrestrial adult stage. Here, we explore various amphibian names in English, emphasizing their unique life stages and adaptations.

    FrogFrogs are known for their jumping abilities, croaking sounds, and smooth or slimy skin. They start life as tadpoles in water.
    ToadToads generally have rougher skins and are more terrestrial compared to frogs. They also start as tadpoles.
    SalamanderSalamanders have slender bodies and long tails. Many have the ability to regenerate lost limbs.
    NewtNewts are a type of salamander that spends more time in water and has smoother skin than most terrestrial salamanders.
    AxolotlAxolotls are unique in that they retain their larval features throughout their life, a condition known as neoteny.
    CaecilianCaecilians are legless, worm-like amphibians that are mostly found underground or in streambeds.
    Mud PuppyMud puppies, also known as waterdogs, are aquatic salamanders that do not undergo metamorphosis, retaining their gills into adulthood.
    Tiger SalamanderTiger salamanders are large and robust, known for their striking yellow or white markings on a dark body.
    African BullfrogAfrican bullfrogs are hefty frogs that can survive long droughts by burrowing underground.
    Red-eyed Tree FrogKnown for their vivid red eyes and bright green bodies, these frogs are popular in the pet trade and thrive in tropical environments.
    Poison Dart FrogThese brightly colored frogs are found in Central and South America, and their skin secretes powerful toxins.
    Glass FrogGlass frogs have translucent skin on their underside, making some of their internal organs visible.
    Pacman FrogNamed for their large, round body and enormous mouth, Pacman frogs are aggressive eaters.
    SirenSirens are eel-like amphibians with external gills and no hind limbs, found in freshwater habitats in the US.
    Spadefoot ToadSpadefoot toads have hard, keratinous protrusions on their hind feet that help them dig in sandy soils.
    Alpine NewtAlpine newts are brightly colored during mating season; they live in mountainous areas of Europe.
    HellbenderHellbenders are one of the largest salamanders in North America, known for their wrinkled skin and aquatic lifestyle.
    Fire SalamanderFire salamanders are strikingly marked with yellow to orange spots or stripes over a black base.
    Oriental Fire-bellied ToadThese small toads have bright green and black patterned tops with vibrant orange and black undersides, warning predators of their toxicity.
    Smooth NewtSmooth newts are common in Europe and exhibit a noticeable color change during their breeding season.

    List of 20 Pet Animals in English

    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (29)

    Pet animals are those that are commonly kept in homes as companions. They offer friendship and comfort to their owners and can vary widely in type and size. This section provides a list of common pet animals along with a brief description of each, highlighting why they are cherished as household companions.

    Pet AnimalDescription
    DogDogs are known for their loyalty and are often called “man’s best friend,” offering companionship and protection.
    CatCats are popular pets for their independent nature and playful behaviors, requiring less maintenance than dogs.
    ParrotParrots are colorful and can mimic sounds and speech, making them entertaining companions.
    HamsterHamsters are small rodents that are easy to care for, making them a popular choice for young pet owners.
    GoldfishGoldfish are a type of small, ornamental fish, often the first pet for many children due to their low maintenance.
    TurtleTurtles are quiet and can live for many years, often kept in terrariums or aquariums.
    RabbitRabbits are known for their playful and friendly nature, requiring more space to hop and exercise.
    Guinea PigGuinea pigs are sociable and vocal rodents with a gentle disposition, popular among families.
    FerretFerrets are playful and curious animals that require a lot of interaction and space to explore.
    BudgerigarAlso known as budgies, these small parrots are friendly and relatively easy to train, making them popular pets.
    ChinchillaChinchillas are rodents known for their soft fur and active behavior, needing dust baths for coat maintenance.
    GeckoGeckos are small lizards that are nocturnal and easy to care for, popular among beginner reptile enthusiasts.
    co*ckatielco*ckatiels are smaller parrots with a distinctive crest, known for their affectionate nature and ability to mimic.
    Bearded DragonBearded dragons are docile lizards that are easy to handle and care for, making them a favorite among reptile lovers.
    HedgehogHedgehogs are unique pets known for their spines and ability to roll into a ball when threatened.
    Siamese Fighting FishAlso known as betta fish, these are vibrant and easy to care for but should be kept alone to prevent aggression.
    PomeranianPomeranians are small dogs with fluffy coats, known for their lively and playful nature.
    Persian CatPersian cats are famous for their long, luxurious fur and calm, laid-back personalities.
    CanaryCanaries are known for their beautiful singing and vibrant colors, making them delightful pets for bird enthusiasts.
    Sphynx CatSphynx cats are known for their lack of fur, which makes them a unique and hypoallergenic pet option.


    We hope you enjoyed learning about these English names of animals and discovered some fascinating animal facts about our planet’s diverse creatures. Understanding more about animals can help us appreciate and protect them better. Keep exploring and learning!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    At what age should you teach names of animals in english to kids?

    You can start teaching animal names in English to kids as early as two years old, as this is a fun and engaging way to expand their vocabulary.

    What are common names of animals?

    Dog, Cat, Lion, Tiger, Horse, Goat etc.

    What is an animal that starts with K?

    An animal that starts with K is the “Kangaroo”, A large marsupial from Australia known for its powerful hind legs and jumping ability.

    What animal begins with the letter E?

    An animal that starts with E is the “Elephant”, The largest land animal, known for its long trunk, tusks, and intelligence.

    What is one animal that starts with U?

    An animal that starts with U is the “Urchin”, A small, spiny sea creature found in oceans worldwide.

    What is a rare animal name?

    A rare animal with a unique name is the Vaquita.

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    List of 180 Animal Names in English for Kids (2024)


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